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    history of the company

    The trade mark SilvaSib belongs to a stock company which takes its history since 60s of the last century. Gradually, rendering service to an agricultural sector of altay region, the company passed into a woodworking branch and occupied a deserving place in the timber market. For years of woodworking we acquired stable connections both in the domestic market and in the foreign market. Apart from our near neighbours such as Kazahstan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan SilvaSib cooperates very successfully and for a long time with the countries of Persian basin and the Near East- Iran, Afghanistan, Syria. These countries are traditional consumers of a board, a beam and a round log. With the beginning of a more accurate wood processing- releasing high-quality wooden products, a cooperation started also with another countries. Consumers in scandinavian countries such as Sweden, Finland, Estonia, as well as Germany, Poland, Hungary and Spain now can purchase the production of SilvaSib. The goods which were produced in our factory at once get into large-scale distributor nets and on the tables of construction supermarkets in these countries. It became possible due to the completeness of the working cycle, when the product comes to a shipment already inside the branded package, produced according to the requirements of the customer, with lables and marking in accordance with the european standards. Perhaps in the near future consumers of the major trading net IKEA also will be able to find our extra class wall panel in the shops all over the world and surely in Russia. Negotiations about the beginning to manufacture several kinds of goods for IKEA are already running. And not only Europe and the Near East are our customers. Its long since in the markets of South Korea and the USA has appeared a material produced by a technology of finger-joining which we are successfully using in our industry. Nowadays several construction and trading companies in these countries made a deal for a delivery of goods made by the trade mark SilvaSib. In spite of such a broad geographical coverage, our company is always looking forward to finding new partners who are interested in the production of an extra class. Such production is made by SilvaSib.

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    Wall panel by SilvaSib

    Wall panel production

    wall panel production of pine, fir,cedar.

    Wood wall panel (molding board)
    Wall panel of "Extra" and "Extra finger-joined" class".tel. +7 495 5899809

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