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Евровагонка производства Silva Sibirica
Евровагонка производства SilvaSib

Equipment and techmology
  • Section of preparing lumber
  • multicutting machine
  • Drying kilns
  • Optimizer
  • Separating machine
  • Finger-joining
  • Hydromat
  • Packaging

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    section of preparing lumber for moldings


    Raw material

    Logging basis of the company- it’s first of all the adjoining wood masses of Altay region. There were established a long-time productive collaboration with district forestries and integrated logging-lumbering enterprises in our region. In addition to that, because of the rising demands for the production made of Angarsky pine, "SilvaSib" started a wide logging of the round logs in Irkutsk and Krasnojarsk regions. Machines for processing incoming round logs, unedged beams and boards consist of the band saws and two newest multicutters by "Paul".

    photo gallery > preparing lumber for molding

    Wall panel by SilvaSib

    Wall panel production

    wall panel production of pine, fir,cedar.

    Wood wall panel (molding board)
    Wall panel of "Extra" and "Extra finger-joined" class".tel. +7 495 5899809

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