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wall panel by SilvaSib
wall panel by SilvaSib

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    wood advanrages

    Often when we repair our flats, offices, cottages we use polymeric materials. It is considered that plastic windows, wall panels, linoleums are convenient and easy to use and this is absolutely so. Have any of us ever thought of the other sides of these modern means of decorative sheathing? Many polymeric materials during contacts with the oxygen, sun light, higher temperatures give off harmful chemical agents. The best alternative to the modern materials is the old use-proven material- wood. Unlike the other materials wood is breathing. Wooden walls regulate air humidity. Warm sunny colour of the wood creates the unique psychological climate in the house, calms down nervous system. People who live in the wooden houses very seldom have headaches, depressions, stresses and the same with infectious diseases, for the reason that the spruce timber give off phytoncides- agents that kill microbes. And this is the smallest part of the wood advantages. For the purpose of feeling yourself comfortable living in a city we recommend you to use wooden materials for sheathing. One of these materials is the production by the trade mark SilvaSib- the wall panels. The quality and durability of the wall panel depend on the wood processing and the company staff with all the confidence affirms that our production answers the european standards. The professional equipment from Germany allows us to control the wood processing through all the stages, and a high qualification level of assistants guarantees that our customer will get a wall panel, which technology of producing surpasses the majority of the Russian producers. .

    Wall panel by SilvaSib

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    wall panel production of pine, fir,cedar.

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