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wall panel by SilvaSib
wall panel by SilvaSib

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    brief timber review

    coniferous trees

    Pine a tree of yellow-red or pale yellow colour, which possesses a fine strength and has got quite a small volume mass. It is easy to process. Compared to the leafy trees (birch, beech) the pine is one of the softest materials and suffers less from the humidity influence. With the lapse of time the wood darkens and the pitch sticks out. After colouring of the pine, irregularity of the coating can be seen because there are areas which have got a different gumminess and a porosity that is why their absorbing property is different. In the modern market the pine timber takes a leading place. Here you can find everything: from logs and beams to moldings and everything is of pine. Spruce a stem of spruce evergreen trees of pine family. A prime wood-forming family. A stem of a tree is straight, a crown is thick, cone-shaped. The root system is superficial. Fir is a shade-enduring, winterhardy tree. It is used in the construction (boards for floors, roofs and small frobs), in the pulp and paper industry and in the producing of musical instruments. The fir wood is white, light and soft. The Caucasian fir has got a tougher wood. Today the fir is widely used for producing goods by the eurostandard (wall panel, floor panel). Cedar- one the most beautiful and stately tree in Siberia- it is called a Siberian giant. Botanists call it the Siberian cedar pine. Wooden items of cedar in the markets of Moscow and its outskirts are practically unavailable. Its because we are too far from Moscow. Fir- a stem of spruce evergreen trees of pine family. There about 50 kinds of it. 9 of them grow in Russia. The most popular is the Siberian fir ( grows on the north-east of the european part and in Siberia)- a slender tree to 30m high. The bark is smooth with resin pokets. The fir gives a construction and furniture wood. Nowadays as well as the spruce is widely used for producing moldings by eurostandard (wall panel, floor panel). Larch- there are the biggest world supplies of this kind of wood in Siberia. This tree is also called a Northern oak. The wood of this tree really reminds of an oak because of its toughness and resistance to putrefaction. The colour of the wood is absolutely superordinary- it is darker than the pine and has got a red-brown shade. It has also got a tremendous pattern. This kind of wood is rarely on sale in Moscow and its outskirts because of the demand absence. And the demand is absent because the price of the Siberian larch is approximately 1.5 times more than the price of the pine and spruce. And even those advantages which are given by the use of this wonderful wood dont make an impression on the customers. But Im sure with the lapse of time this statement will change- this wood is worth to be paid attention at. .

    Wall panel by SilvaSib

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