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wall panel by SilvaSib
wall panel by SilvaSib

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    How to choose a wall panel?

    Silva sibirica produces a wall panel of diferent classes and of diferent wood. A wall panel of an extra class is the perfect variant of finishing. In its nondefective mass there are no knots, which create internal stress inside the material. The stress sooner or later results in cracks. Also the price is so high because there are no trees without knots at all. There is another way of producing a qualitative wall panel with no knots: its a technology of finger-joining. The toughness and durability of a finger-joint wall panel dont give way to an extra class, but the price is much cheaper. The equipment of Silva sibirica allows to produce a finger-joint wall panel of the blanks of one saw cut. For finger- joining synthetical glues are used which have got a european hygienic sertificate and are allowed to be used in the furniture for children and in toys. Before the wall panel glueing, blanks are being sorted one more time in order to the sections with complementary location of the year layers get in one item. In such a manner we can guarantee that a board of a wall panel will not be ruined along the glue joint and crack through even in consequence of mass water action on the wall- for example because of the break of a pipe. As a result we get a wall panel which is more tough and durable than of the one-piece wood because all the defective sections were removed from the blank, as well as the cracks along which a biological wood injury is occured. The item becomes more beautiful since the ugly sections have been removed and the pattern of the fibres have been maximaly selected. We invite you for a genuine wall panel! Choose a quality worthy of you, guaranteed by SilvaSib!

    Wall panel by SilvaSib

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    wall panel production of pine, fir,cedar.

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