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wall panel by SilvaSib
wall panel by SilvaSib

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    Moisture content of the wood

    A recently sawed tree has a natural moisture content. But it doesnt mean that every wood has the same moisture content. A different moisture content will have a pine which grew on a dry land and a fir which grew in a marsh. The moisture content can be even higher if a tree took up water during the floating. And If you produce a board of this undried wood, of course you will get it but it will warp after some time. As a result you will have to detach the sheathing boards and replace them with the other ones. Even if you use a wall panel with the europrofile for a sheathing, anyway slits will appear which depend on the width of the wall panel (the wider a wall panel the less the number of the slits, but their size is bigger). And that is when you sheathe a damp material with a dry one. And if the base and sheathing materials are both damp the consequence will be worse and more sad. It is one of the way to waste your money. A tree when drying loses from 5% to 7% of its size in width and thickness and only 1% in length. It means that if you piled a frame this year which height was 3m, then in a year its height would be 10 or even 20cm lower. And it almost would not change in length and width. For this reason most of the constructing firms offer their clients to pile a house of the beams in the first year and start finishing only the next year. To avoid all this, it is necessary previously to dry the wood. Special standards determine the wood moisture content. For example for the inner sheathing the wood with 15% moisture content must be used, for the outer 20%. The moisture content of the flooring boards must not exceed 15%.

    Wall panel by SilvaSib

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