Wooden wall panel (molded board)
Wooden wall panel (molded board)






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are you looking for knotless wooden wall panel?

we have it! knotless wooden wall panel and molding of "extra" class of siberian pine and cedar

production of the wooden wall panel and moldings

"SilvaSib" is a woodworking company, specializing on producing molding items and a genuine knotless wall panel (molded board)of "extra" class and moldings of Siberian pine, fir and cedar.

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Wooden wall panel (molded boarl)
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    Wall panel in our warehouse

    wall panel of pine and cedar.>>

    new service-wooden frames of cedar for russian steam bath(sauna, banja) or house.

    Wall panel for exterior decoration: width 140 мм thickness 18мм

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    Wooden wall panel (molded board) Wall panel of "Extra" class and "Extra finger-jointed"class.
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    Wall panel production

    wall panel production of pine, fir,cedar.

    Wood wall panel (molding board)
    Wall panel of "Extra" and "Extra finger-joined" class".tel. +7 495 5899809

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